Mari Kristine R. Algrøy,Salt Bergen - Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology (HLT)Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology (HLT)

Mari Kristine R. Algrøy,
Salt Bergen

Mari Kristine Ramslien Algrøy is a former student at HLT and now works as multisite coordinator in Salt Bergen City Church kids ministry. She’s in charge of developing the kids ministry across Salts congregations with emphasis on the recent church plants outside Bergen. The church which is spread over several locations in and outside Bergen, have in it’s 11 years planted seven congregations. 
Mari Kristine has the younger generation close to her heart and loves to see children and young people grow into God’s plan for their lives. Mari Kristine worked as a youth pastor in the city of Porsgrunn for three years before she moved to Bergen and started to work with kids. “My passion is seeing children and young people discover all their God-given talents, and get to use them for God’s glory and to make His name known.” It can be easy to underestimate what the younger generation can do and what a difference they can make. “I believe that everyone has something valuable to bring to the table. To use the gifts we have received from God to serve others, really makes life meaningful.”
When Algrøy was appointed as a youth pastor in Porsgrunn, she had a desire to acquire skills for the job that lay ahead. “I started taking some courses at HLT when I started as a youth pastor to get better equipped to do a good job. I always thought that it was interesting to learn about leadership and church have always been close to my heart. After taking some individual classes of leadership and youth ministry, as well as internship, I decided to take a Bachelor’s degree in theology and leadership with a specialization in value-based transitional leadership.”

In 2015 Mari Kristine finished her Bachelor’s degree in theology and leadership and is confident in the competence it has given her. “I think my education from HLT has shaped how I think about church, about leadership and my image of God. The leadership subjects has been useful not only in my church context, but also in interaction with people in other situations. It has also given me a network of christian leaders, which I appreciate now in my role as a kids ministry leader in Salt Bergen.”