Kjetil B. LarsenNorwegian School of Leadership and Theology (HLT)

Kjetil B. Larsen

Kjetil B. Larsen, one-fourth of the quartet in Jesus Loves Electro, the DJ-collective that has turned upside-down on Christian youth culture in the past recent years, and given modern worship a new dimension. “It’s a party. It’s a worship session. It’s a beautiful mess. It’s Jesus Loves Electro.” With its innovative way to mix a passionate faith with worship- and EDM music, JLE clearly has done something very few have done before them. To close the gap between modern day night life and Christian youth culture, and still come out with a strong Jesus focus on the other side. 


Kjetil’s big passion extends way beyond creating good beats and music that tops the charts. Questioned on what Kjetils passion is he replies “I am passionate about seeing people touched by God’s love.” For him it´s not the project itself that is the main goal, but rather a way to communicate the message of Jesus in a new and relevant way to a new generation.


In a hectic schedule as a DJ in JLE and the job in Filadelfia Church Oslo as deacon, it was important for Kjetil to combine work with studies. “I chose HLT primarily due to the interesting curriculum, but also because of the good combination of theory and practice, as well as the flexibility of part-time studies.” Kjetil completed his bachelor in 2014 and did his studies part-time. A flexible solution that suited his situation, while at the same time gave him the expertise he needs. “As a leader and founder, I’ve got a set of tools, knowledge and network which is totally invaluable in both start-up and transitional phases!”