Grade Appeal

If you are not satisfied with the explanation for your grade, you may submit an appeal against the examiner’s decision. The deadline for submitting a grade appeal is 3 weeks after the explanation for your grade has been given.

You can only appeal against your grades for written examinations. You cannot appeal against your grades for oral examinations or other types of examinations which, due to the nature of the test, cannot be reassessed. In such cases, please refer to our Regulations for Academic Studies and Examinations Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology for further guidance.

When an appeal is made the academic dean will name a new internal and external examiner to carry out a new assessment. The two new examiners will not be informed of your previous result or the explanation given for it.

You will normally receive your new grade and explanation within 6-8 weeks. Any changes to your grade will also be registered in Self Service.

Please note that you cannot appeal against the new grade and that this grade will be the final grade of the examination in question. The new grade may be higher, lower or the same as the original grade. Consider therefore carefully whether you wish to submit an appeal.

To submit an appeal, fill out the online grade appeal form via this link: Grade Appeal Request

This must be done within 3 weeks of the date you received an explanation for your grade.