Grade improvement

This information is applicable for students on our English Bachelor program who have passed their courses but wish to improve their grades.

When can I improve my grades?

In each course we offer an ordinary exam, a 1st makeup exam and a 2nd makeup exam. These dates are published in the semester schedules. Students who wish to improve their grades should use these 3 opportunities to do so.

Students may enquire if there are any further options available outside of this, however we cannot guarantee that there will be. Normally this would only be an option if we have set up additional exams for students returning from leave, or in other special circumstances.


Do I meet the eligibility criteria?

Only students who meet the following criteria are eligible to improve their grades:

  • The student still has examinations attempts remaining (Max 3. attempts)
  • It has not been longer than 1,5 years since the course ended. (For example, students who took a course in Fall 2017 have until the end of Spring 2019 to retake exams)
  • The course has not changed and still comprises of the same examination forms.


How do I apply to improve my grade?

Should a student wish to improve a grade, they should send an email to to request this. Deadlines for requests are 4 weeks before an essay submission, and 2 weeks before a take-home exam, or school exam. However, we advise students to submit their requests as early as possible before these deadlines.


How much does it cost to improve my grade?

The fees for improving grades are the same as HLTs makeup fees. Please visit this page to find the most updated prices.


I have now completed my Bachelor degree. Can I improve my grades before my diploma is issued?

It may be possible to postpone issuing the diploma for up to one semester so that students can improve their grades. Students who wish to apply for this should apply immediately after passing their final course via


Can I improve my grades after my diploma has been issued?

Providing that you meet the eligibility criteria described above, you may improve your grades after your diploma has been issued. These will be issued as additional transcripts which are accepted as official documents.