Decentralized exam

Decentralized completion of school exams means that the exam is held at a place other than the school.
The prerequisite for accepting an application for a decentralized exam is that it is held at another public institution with an exam invigilator, and that the exam is held at the time determined by HLT.

Who can apply
Anyone who lives in such a way that the travel time to HLT is longer than 3 hours, can apply to be allowed to cancel the decentralized exam. Students who apply to have a decentralized examination comply with the HLT regulations on studies and examinations at HLT.

What kind of exams can be conducted in a decentralized manner
Ordinary or continuation exams with decentralised exam management apply to written school exams. If the student needs to use a PC during the exam, the exam must take place at the University of Management and Theology.

Application deadline
The student must submit an application on the prescribed form for the decentralised examination by 15 September for the autumn semester and 15 February for the spring semester. Students who wish to hold the exam decentralised must apply for this for each exam on a separate form by the deadline. The application form can also be found on HLT-Student under the Form bank.

Costs for conducting examinations
The individual student must pay an examination fee of NOK. NOK 800 for each examination completion to HLT. This fee is in addition to the regular semester fee. It is a requirement that both the exam and semester fees have been paid before the exam. The payment deadline is determined by the giro sent.

Any expenses an external institution may have to carry out the examination (expenses for guards, administration fees, room hire) are a matter between the individual student and the external examination venue.

If you withdraw from the exam after the withdrawal deadline, the exam fee will not be refunded. Documented illness can give the right to a refund of the examination fee.

Procedure for being able to sit the exam externally

  • The student must find the exam venue himself/find out which institution (e.g. high school, college, university, church, sailor’s church, Norwegian consulate or embassy) he/she will take the exam at
  • The exam center must provide an exam invigilator during the entire exam (more than 3 students means at least 2 exam invigilators
  • NB! Exam invigilators cannot be current HLT students or be close relatives of the student.
  • The student finds a contact person at the institution
  • The student sends an application to take the exam externally there – including the name of the institution and contact person
  • The study administration processes the application
  • The study administration establishes contact with the contact person at the institution and agrees on the manner in which the examination will take place
  • The student will be notified of details about the examination