Lånekassen (Loan Fund)

This is how you apply:

Once you have obtained a total of 180 credits in any education in Norway, you can apply for scholarships and loans here

There are other ways you can qualify for support from Lånekassen, you can read about them here.

To have the right to loans and grants you must have a valid student status, by this we mean that you:

  • are an active student at HLT
  • have paid all your student fees

The Student loan fund must have received confirmation of valid student status from HLT before the student can get a payment.

Here you will find frequently asked questions about the application:


The conversion of loans into grants

HLT sends exam dates to the Lånekassen consecutively. On the basis of this information, Lånekassen decides on the following:

  • the conversion of loans into grants
  • the reversal of grants to loans
  • the refuse payment of student loans because of the delay in study

You must contact HLT as quickly as possible if you think something has been reported wrongly.

Here you will find more information about converting loans into grants.


Delay, interruptions and other changes

You are obliged to notify Lånekassen if you:

  • interrupt or take a break in education
  • change educational institution or change study program
  • pay less in tuition than that specified in the application
  • change your home address or marital status

You can find more information about your duties by clicking here.