Leave of absence

Students can apply for a period of leave from their studies for up to a maximum of one year during their studies. Additional periods of leave can be granted for maternity leave and childcare, prolonged documented sickness, initial service in the Norwegian armed forces, and other extenuating circumstances.

Students who are in Norway on a student visa, are not able to apply for a period of leave unless it is due to prolonged documented sickness or maternity leave. Other extenuating circumstances may also provide a basis for a period of leave but only for up to a maximum of one year.


UDI 2010-101 Residence permits for students


An applicant who follows a normal course of study and earns 30 credits per semester is deemed to have good study progress.

If the applicant is behind in his/her studies, he/she must state the reason for the delay in the application. The reason for the delay must be documented as far as possible. Based on the scope and cause of the delay, an assessment will be made of whether or not the application can be renewed. Delays of up to one year can be accepted if strong reasons exist.

As a rule, a delay of more than one year that is not due to sickness certified by a doctor’s certificate or to maternity leave, will not be approved, and the application will be rejected.


Applications for leave must be made in writing to the Student Administration via the application form.

Students who are on an approved period of leave will not pay tuition fees. If a period of leave is approved after all the fees have been paid, the student can apply for a full/partial refund of the semester fees. The SiO/SiS fee is non-refundable.

Students applying for a leave of absence should be aware of the following:

  • Changes may be made to courses, study plans and examinations during the period of leave which may result to HLT adapting the students study plan/examinations plan.
  • Students on leave are responsible for keeping updated with regard to changes to deadlines and regulations relating to courses/study plans.
  • Students who wish to take examinations during the period of leave (e.g. makeup exams) must apply for this by email via eksamen@hlt.no no later than 1 month before the examination date/deadline. You can view the examination schedules in the Community Room in Moodle.