Sickness and absence

When a student does not attend an examination or submit their assignment, this will be registered as one of their three examination attempts. Students have a maximum of three examination attempts per exam. However, if a student has approved valid absence from an exam, then this will not be counted as an examination attempt. Students will be given a new opportunity to take the exam (usually on the date of the next scheduled makeup exam), and will be exempt from paying the makeup fee.

Valid absence is approved by the exam administrator. Normally the only grounds for approved valid absence are sickness documented by a medical certificate or the death of a close relative. Only under exceptional circumstances will other grounds be considered as valid absence.

In order to apply for approved valid absence, the student must write to the exam administrator as soon as possible via The email should clearly state your full name, student number, which exam the enquiry relates to, the date of the exam in question and the reasons for the request. In the case of sickness, the student must submit a medical certificate. This should be dated within 3 working days of the exam date. The medical certificate can be scanned and sent via this link within 7 working days of the exam date. Please make sure to give a notice to when the certificate is uploaded.

The exam administrator may request further documentation (depending on the grounds for the application), in which case students must submit the relevant documentation within the deadlines set out by the exam administrator.

If you should become sick or have a compelling reason for absence during the last week/days before an essay deadline, it may be possible to apply for an extension instead of a postponement to cover the period of sick leave/absence. Extensions may be given for up to a maximum of 7 days for an essay submission and up to 36 hours for a 72-hour take-home exam. It is not possible to obtain an extension that extends beyond 50% of the total time allotted for the assignment.  Extensions will also only be granted on the grounds of approved valid absence.