Take-Home Exams & Essay Submissions

72-hour take-home exams and essays are submitted electronically via Moodle. Please take note of the following instructions:


HLT Cover Pages and Candidate Numbers

When you submit an assignment, you must use a HLT cover page. You can find the HLT cover pages in the Community Room under the section: Academic Writing. There is one cover page for non-anonymous exams and one cover page for anonymous exams. The cover pages are in Word format and should be the first page of your assignment. You should not send the cover page as a separate PDF document.


Anonymous assignments

Some assignments need to be submitted anonymously. If the essay is to be submitted anonymously you must NOT write your name or your student number on the cover page. Instead, you must use your unique 5-digit candidate number for this exam. You will find this by logging into Self Service. Click on the menu “Exams”. Look at the column Candidate# to see your candidate number for this specific exam. Please note that you are allocated a different candidate number for each exam, including makeup exams.


File type and name

All essays must be uploaded in PDF format unless otherwise stated. Most word processing programs enable you to convert your file into a PDF. If not, you can find many free PDF converters by searching on the internet. If the exam is anonymous, you MUST use your candidate number as the file name, and you must NOT include any other words or numbers in the file name. For example: Correct = 31205.pdf / Incorrect = Smith, Bob_1st draft.pdf


Overview of assignments

You will find an overview of any assignments and tests you need to complete on the Moodle dashboard, under the timeline. Click on the relevant link to go to that assignment and to submit your file.


Assignments received after the deadline are not accepted

All assignments must be submitted before the deadline. You can upload draft versions of your essay until the deadline, at which point whichever version of your essay is uploaded will become the final version. Extensions are NOT be granted due to computer problems or lost work.


Sickness/Valid absence

  • An extension or a postponement may be requested in the case of sickness or other exceptional circumstances. In such cases the student must notify our administrative department immediately via eksamen@hlt.no. A medical statement or other form of documentation for valid absence must then be provided. This should be dated no more than 3 working days after the examination deadline and must be scanned & emailed or delivered to HLTs administrative department within 7 working days.
  • An extension may be granted that equals the number of days of sick leave or absence but limited to 50% of the total time allotted for the assignment, 7 days for a Life Essay, and 3 weeks for a final essay.  Students who have been granted such extensions must expect delayed grading/feedback.
  • Should you be granted a postponement of the examination based on valid absence, the student will be automatically registered for a new ordinary examination, which will be held at the same time as the next examination makeup. (eksamen@hlt.no).
  • For further information about sickness and absence please visit our website Sickness and absence


Grading deadlines

You will normally receive your result within 3 weeks of the examination date. Sometimes the grading date is extended due to public holidays or other extenuating circumstances. You can view your grade in the Grade Book in Moodle. Your grade will also be published in Self Service shortly afterwards.



Should you have any questions, or need assistance, contact eksamen@hlt.no or pop into the exam administration office.