School Exams

Date, Time & Candidate number

You can check the date and time for your school exams via Self Service. Click on the examinations tab. It is your responsibility to maintain an overview of the exams that you are registered for.

Students will be issued with a unique candidate number for each exam. This is a unique five-digit number that is used to provided anonymity when examination answers are being assessed. Please note that:

  • It is not the same as your student ID number.
  • If you have taken the same exam previously, it will not be the same as the candidate number from the previous exam.

You should write your candidate number on the exam answer copy paper and not your name or student ID.

You will find your candidate numbers on Self Service under the examinations tab.

Arrival and Registration

Most school exams begin at 09:00. Candidates should arrive at the exam location to register from 08:30 – 08:45. Candidates should not arrive later than 15 minutes before the examination time. Candidates who arrive after the examination has begun may be refused entry. During registration, candidates will be requested to sign in via the exam invigilators and show their student ID card or other form of identification (with legitimate photo identification). Your candidate number will also be given to you upon registration.

Practical Information

School examinations are conducted by exam invigilators. Candidates are expected to follow the instructions given by the exam invigilators.

During the examination, students will be provided with a HLT Bible. In addition, students are permitted to have the following items with them on their desk: Food and drink, ID card, writing equipment such as pens, pencils, erasers etc., and permitted exam materials. Permitted exam materials include: Bible dictionary, dictionary without notes/comments plus any additional materials specified in the course description. Borrowing items from other candidates is not permitted. The exam invigilators will check which items students have with them to ensure compliance of the regulations.

Bags, coats and other personal items should be placed in the area assigned by the exam invigilators. Mobile phones and other electronic devices such as smart watches, tablets and e-readers should be switched off and stored in your bag together with your other personal belongings.

You will be given HLT examination copy paper where you write your examination answer. You must enter your candidate number and examination details at the top of each page. Please use a black or a blue ballpoint pen and ensure that your writing is legible on all three parts of the copy paper. Two copies will be sent to the examiners and one copy is to be retained by the student. If there are parts of your answer that you do not wish to be considered by the examiner make sure that it is clearly crossed out. You will also be given blank sheets of A4 paper which can be used for rough notes. You can request additional paper during the exam through raising your hand and waiting for the exam invigilator to come to you.

All forms of communication between candidates during an exam is forbidden. Any questions should be directed to the exam invigilator by raising your hand and waiting for the invigilator to come to you.

Should a candidate wish to go to the toilet or get some fresh air during the exam, he/she will be accompanied by an exam invigilator. Such breaks should not exceed 10 minutes and are normally not permitted during the first hour of the exam.

During the exam, the main exam invigilator will notify candidates when there is one hour remaining, and again when there are 15 minutes remaining.

Candidates are not permitted to submit their exam answer or a blank sheet during the first hour of the exam. After the first hour has passed, candidates can hand in their exam answers when they are finished by raising their hand and waiting for the exam invigilator to come to them. Should a candidate wish to submit a blank sheet, they should write “Submitted blank” on the copy paper provided. This will be counted as an examination attempt.

After the allotted time for the exam has passed, candidates will not be permitted to continue writing their exam answer. (Unless students have been granted additional time under special examination arrangements). Students will be given 15 minutes to complete the information required at the top of each page. (Candidate number, examination information and page numbers). The invigilators will ensure that all information is completed correctly when you hand in your assignment.

Candidates who have been permitted use of a PC under special examaination arrangements should enter their candidate number, course name, course code and examination date at the top of each page as a page header. Page numbers should also be inserted. Upon completion of the examination, the assignment should be saved on the USB stick provided. This should be handed to the exam invigilator who will print out a copy for the student to keep.

If a student becomes ill during the examination and is unable to continue, the exam invigilator must be notified immediately. Candidates who do not finish an exam due to illness must present the relevant documentation within the deadlines outlined. See Sickness and Absence for further details. Students with approved valid absence will be granted the opportunity to retake the examination at a later date. However, if the student’s exam assignment has already been handed in for grading, sickness will no longer be taken into account. It will no longer be possible for the student to apply for approved valid absence.

If a student is caught cheating during an examination, their case will be handled in accordance with the Act relating to Norwegian universities and university colleges § 4-7 and § 4-8. Please see the section Cheating for further information.