HLT aspires to be a school characterized with a practical orientation, where both intellectual knowledge and spiritual power are combined. […]

HLT aspires to be a school characterized with a practical orientation, where both intellectual knowledge and spiritual power are combined. Acts 1: 8 states: “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the far ends of the earth.” The words express two important aspects of HLT. Firstly, it is about equipping. Secondly, it is about service or employment. Education does not simply involve the acquisition of knowledge, but also includes being spiritually equipped to serve and to work.



In order to create an environment that is carried by these values as Acts 1: 8 gives us, we have formulated the following vision:

We envision an innovative learning centre that combines academic knowledge with experienced spiritual power and creative practice – which will form leaders and theologians that contribute to the creation of a whole new world.

We want this vision to lay the foundation for a learning organization that lives in constant renewal based on the continuous experience we make ourselves. Meanwhile, we want to create a diverse learning environment that combines various aspects of our tradition.

Mission statement

Studies at HLT must be research-based, maintain a high academic and pedagogical quality, and prepare students for work and service within church and missions, school and community. At the same time we wish to encourage a creative environment where academic, personal and spiritual formation are in focus. In addition, we see ourselves as an actor in society that is both affected by and affects the practice field we are educating for. This is also reflected in the formulation of our constitution. This specifies that HLT must:

  • Provide higher education in theology and leadership for pastoral service and other areas of service within the church, school and community.
  • Perform research and academic development at a high level.
  • Stimulate churches and congregational life through the sharing of knowledge and guidance.
  • Stimulate value-based innovation and transformational leadership within the church, school and community.
  • Ensure close and personal follow-up of every student with the purpose of awakening, preserving and deepening authentic Christian life in each student.

In order to achieve this, we must be an institution that emphasizes superior quality in all areas that can contribute to creating a fruitful and positive learning environment that in turn will lead to engagement in church, mission, school, and society.



Finally, we have formulated eight core values that provide our vision with direction and help us to focus correctly:

  1. We envision a missional school that is groundbreaking in its contribution to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  2. We envision a school characterized by Pentecostal spirituality.
  3. We envision a school with academic integrity and practical relevance.
  4. We envision a biblically faithful school, which proclaims the Bible as a foundation for life and doctrine.
  5. We envision a school that educates leaders who are committed to the fulfillment of the great commission and who practice servant leadership in both society and in the church.
  6. We envision a transformative school that provides students with a whole relationship to God, themselves and to others.
  7. We envision a school with prophetic relevance that is both realistic and innovative.
  8. We envision a school characterized by the love of Christ and the dream of the unity of God’s people.